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5607 199 Street Northwest #202, Edmonton, Alberta T6M 0M8

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  • 06.01.2019
    Rod Chmelyk
    This was my 1st yr. with Rental Advisors and I have to say they are a top notch organization, and a pleasure to do business with. Right from the first time I had any questions or concerns they where their to resolve any issues that came up. Rental Advisors knows how to do business right. I would recommend Rental Advisors to anyone. Keep up the great work.
  • 15.03.2018
    D Das
    I always believe that it's the individual first who makes the difference and not the company. This has been proven again by Mick Basra, Property Manager who has been assigned to me by Rental Advisors for renting out my property located in West Edmonton.

    From Day 1, Mick has demonstrated that he is very prompt and diligent in responding to my queries, explaining everything in details (pros, cons, which ones are critical etc.), and doing excellent quality of work starting from taking photos of the property, writing description for advertisements, providing me detailed update of enquiry status, showing the property to prospective tenants, finding a tenant and conducting a detailed move-in inspection.

    Mick found a tenant for me in less than a week of advertising and after completing due-diligence and reference and credit checks, the tenant moved in less than a month's time. During this one month period, I had several questions for Mick. No matter whether my request was during the business hours or after hours or the weekends he always replied promptly and diligently.

    Before the scheduled move-in inspection with the tenant, Mick visited my property well ahead of time to get acquainted with my property again, and called me from the location to seek some additional clarification. After the move-in inspection was completed, I was informed.

    The move-in inspection report, which was subsequently forwarded to me, is a gem. It is a 27 page document (10 pages of text with every possible details of property conditions and 217 thumbnail-sized photos of the entire property) - just impressive, cannot ask for anything more.

    I have nothing but all good things to say about Mick Basra. We can all learn from him on what it means to be professional in all aspects, take ownership of work we do, respond promptly to clients, care about clients and educate them (if needed), do the best quality of work we can possibly do and take pride in what we do.

    I recommend Mick Basra of Rental Advisors to everyone. Thank you Mick for your immense help. I wish you all the best.

    David Das
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